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Is Dream Singles A Scam

My Review Of The Popular Dating Site – Dream Singles

My Experience With Dream Singles

Here are some things that you should know about the Dating Site - Dream Singles

Before going to this website, I was very skeptical. Looking for European women can be a challenging task when you are all the way in the United States. Before finding my way to this website, I’ve ran into some others that were definitely scams. I’ve been an on and off user of dating sites ever since 2010. In the past I used local dating sites and it just never worked for me, I was not intrigued by the women that I was meeting. I finally decided to experiment with international dating sites but I still struggled to find anything worth my time. I’d heard of Dream Singles through a friend and read both good and bad reviews on it so I set out to answer the question: Is Dream Singles a Scam?

Can You Trust Dream Singles?

In 2015, I took a 2 week trip to Kiev, Ukraine, and I was fascinated by the beauty of all the women I met there. This vacation was a dream for a single man in his 40’s. Ukraine is such a beautiful place, the colorful buildings and cozy cities feel inviting and friendly but you can also discover the luxurious accommodations that transported me into a state of relaxation. During the days I traveled through the cities and countryside, experiencing the diverse culture and landscapes that Ukraine had to offer.

My nights were spent traveling to different restaurants, bars, and clubs which I mostly inquired about from the locals and travel websites. On the weekends the clubs were packed and there was no shortage of the the exotic women that I desired. They were so nice and were clearly eager to get to know American men. Everywhere I went I was flocked by beautiful women, this was one of the best experiences of my life. I was not surprised to find out that Kiev, Ukraine was ranked as number one in the 6 Best Travel Destinations for Single Men.

Coming back to the states was disheartening when it came to women. I was back in the American dating scene and I wasn’t happy with the the people I was meeting. This is when I turned to international online dating. I tried a lot of websites and I’m sad to say that a lot of them did not work out for me. I heard about Dream Singles through a friend and did a lot of research so now I’ll be able to help you answer the question:

Is Dream Singles a scam?

When I finally decided to become a member of Dream Singles I was very nervous that this would be the same thing. I am here to share my experiences with this website and help you answer the question.

After trying the site for a week, I came to the surprising conclusion that this is a valid, safe site and have actually met someone amazing through the platform.


Dream Singles Trial


I’ll break down my research below:


My research started by researching online scams, and especially what constitutes for scams on a dating website, specifically international dating websites. So let’s define what a scam is. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes scam as, “a fraudulent or deceptive operation”.

Knowing this, I did some research into common illegitimate business practices and found that looking for these things will help you to stay away from scammers when dating online (especially internationally).

  • Vague profile
  • Gaining your trust, then quickly asking for money or gifts
  • Claiming they want to travel to you, but asking for your money to do that.
  • People claiming to be from a western country but working overseas
  • Professing feelings to you after a very short amount of time

As I was doing my research into this website, this is what I based a lot of my conclusion on. Using this list and more I finally was able to answer if Dream Singles is a Scam or not.

Website Reviews

As I scroll through the internet looking for things about Dream Singles, I see a lot of differing opinions. There are some websites that say Dream Singles is a scam and some that review it in a good light. Looking through the bad reviews, it often says the same thing, that they feel like the girls are fake because of the way that they spam you with messages (this is something that I took into consideration when I actually went through the website).While I did look through some of the reviews by people, I decided to base most of my information to well known websites.

The first website I looked at was Their dating experts did an in-depth write up “Are International Dating Sites Legit?” on this site. This website really gave me good information about Dream Singles and why I should or shouldn’t use it. Overall, it gave a good review on the website and really wet through the features of why is worked for some men. It also gave tips on how it can work better for each individual! I personally found this helpful when I was on the Dream Singles website.

“Women love being on the site because they can connect to a world of worthwhile and caring partners, and men who are looking for European women continue to flock to Dream Singles because of its commitment to quality, security, and its users’ desire for love.”
The next site that I found useful was Online Dating Life. This also gave a pretty good review of Dream Singles and gave it a surprising rating of 9.3 on a 10 point scale. This website is not just for international dating websites, so I was interested in why Dream Singles was rated so highly.

As I continued reading, it was clear that it was rated so high due to the safety and features of the site. As someone who is so sites, it is so important to me that this aspect got a high rating.
Dream Singles Review

What Am I Looking For?

Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to dating and this can really change the perception of preferences in a dating website. I’m a man in my upper 40’s and i’ve got divorced in my 30s. I’m not looking to be remarried but i’m not opposed to it. I’m looking for someone who is fun, beautiful, and willing to take adventures with me. I’ve spent the last 20+ years of my life working, and now I’m free to travel and really do everything that I’ve wanted to do. I plan on taking trips every few years to Ukraine or Russia so it would be great to meet a person who I can have a future with and hopefully bring back to the states on day.


International dating websites are perceived to be unreliable and often scams which are frequently filled up with bots that clearly do not do a good job at simulating a human. Dream-Singles has an Anti-Scam Protection Policy on their website which states that keeping the users protected is a priority.

To keep the users safe there is a profile confirmation system in which there are women on the website who have personally been scanned by a local representative in the former USSR to confirm that they are real women and that they have no ulterior motives. This includes verifying their passport and background.

The women and the dating agencies overseas are also randomly audited to ensure the safety of the users.

Dream Singles Features

When you go on the Dream Singles website, it can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information at once and you may not know where to go first. When I first went on the website I definitely didn’t.

Women’s Profiles

This website allows you to start out as a free member. The first thing that I noticed when I got on the website is that I was bombarded with messages from woman on the site. In about 5 minutes at least 15 girls sent me various messages. Keep in mind, I had no picture or profile information, so I was definitely overwhelmed by this. The girls on the website looked like models and most had professional pictures taken and I was sure that these women couldn’t be real.


Real Dream Singles Messages:

Going through the women’s profiles they became more real. It told the information about their age, physical features, hobbies, what they’re looking for, and more. An example of what someone was looking for is

“The ideal relationship to me is the one where two people respect each other, trust each other, accept each other’s flaws and stay together no matter how bad the days become. Who knows maybe I’m lucky finding my dream man?” -Anna

Looking at the profiles makes it clear that the women are looking for older men who can take care of them and for the most part age groups range from 30 to 60. They mostly speak of wanting a relationship and that they are looking for a long term partner that they can raise a family with.

As I go through the website, I notice that a lot of the women I come across have confirmed profiles. Which can be found on the top right side of the profile page (next to their name & ID number). This is comforting because this means I can be sure they are real people.


Success Stories

The success stories tab is filled with testimonials of people who have met in person and shared experiences together due to the website. There are over 800 testimonials with both men and women sharing their story of first meetings, long term meetings, and even thank you letters from long term relationships that have turned into families with children.

“Julia, Scott, and Maximillian! We are a family that exists due to this site!We met on the Dream-Singles site a few years ago. Yes, sometimes it takes a long time to understand that your happiness is right in front of your nose. After some time of the communication, we were not completely sure that it could work out, but we tried, we met in real life and fell in love!Our first dates were the best moments in our lives, with a lot of worries, emotions, and excitement! Now we are married and have a wonderful son Maximillian!It is great that sites, like Dream-Singles, exist. Two persons can live in different corners of the word, but they meet, fall in love, create families! ” -Julia, Ukraine

Dream Singles – Reviews From Real Members

Going through the women’s profiles they became more real. It told the information about their age, physical features, hobbies, what they’re looking for, and more. An example of what someone was looking for is

Touring Dream Singles

To get people to understand what they offer, Dream Singles created a video where interested people see what sets this dating site a part from the rest.

This video discusses more the mission of Dream Singles, first-class features, love stories from real members and how the site stays protected.  Dream Singles even gives you insight to what is included on each profile. Doesn’t sound like they have anything to hide.

A Tour of Dream Singles

Gift Shop

The anti-scam protection policy states that women are not allowed to ask for money or gifts. So if you choose to send a gift to a woman they give a safe option through their gift shop. You don’t have to send the other person their address or receive theirs, keeping the identity of both parties safe at all times.

You may also wonder if the website itself if safe to purchase things off of, this is what their website states:

“We have a secure certificate that guarantees our site is protected. Latest technology ensures that all credit card transactions are encrypted, meaning the information is scrambled and cannot be retrieved for future use by anyone.

Additionally, when you save your credit card information, it is stored in a secure location in accordance with PCI regulations. We get nightly security audits from McAfee Secure to provide an additional layer of protection and our site is monitored nightly by our IT department. Also, your credit card number, once saved, is not shown — if you notice, we X out all but the last four digits of the card number.”

Is Dream Singles Really a Scam?


The more research I did, the more I used the site and started making connections, I came to realize this is a very legit service.


Again, some of the things I was looking for were:

Vague profile

  • The women’s profiles are extremely in depth and from their profiles you can see if they can be a match for you, and also, if you are what they’re looking for. Keep in mind that it goes both ways. Look at their interests, it says they like to read and you are an avid reader, you already have a great talking point. Most of the profiles go very in depth on what they are like.

Gaining your trust, then quickly asking for money or gifts

  • Dream Singles has a strict policy against asking for money or gifts at any time. If they ask you for a gift and you report them, their profile can be taken down. You have the option to give them gifts through their gift shop, which is a safe way to send a gift to one of the ladies, but you are in no way required to. Scam accounts are often out to receive money and will ask for your bank account information. If someone asks you for your bank information report them immediately. There gift shop is created so that you don’t have to give anyone your details.
  • You are allowed to send a woman a gift that was not purchased at the gift shop, but the woman must approve this in order for you to receive her address.
  • The anti-scam protection policy states that women are required to send a picture of them receiving the gift so that you can verify that it was going to the correct person.

Claiming they want to travel to you, but asking for your money to do that.

  • Dream Singles encourages you to travel to the woman. Sure, this takes money, but you have the power in this situation and there are agencies locally that will help set up a visit. This includes translators, setting up housing, and ensuring your safety. In the success stories a lot of the couples testified to talking for 2+ years before the man went abroad and finally met the woman.
  • You may want the woman to come to you but you are advised to visit them…

“Please be advised that in order for the lady members to visit the US, they will need a letter of invitation from the country where they are proposing to visit, they will need proof of correspondence of whom they are going to visit, among other immigration requirements. If the lady members do not have this information ready and available when they are at the immigration offices to obtain their Visa, their application is denied and they are ineligible to reapply for up to 6 months.

In addition, many of the lady members do not have the funds required to make the trip. Therefore, even if she is able to obtain her Visa, she may not be able to pay for the plane ticket and hotel expenses. We do not encourage our male members to wire money to the lady members for these expenses (this is a big international scam) and members who do wire money overseas are certainly taking a serious risk.”

  • The woman on the site ARE looking to move to other countries with the hope of marriage and raising a family.

“Many ladies feel that men in their countries, especially Russia and Ukraine, lack the drive to provide a stable, responsible, safe, and loving environment for their families.”

  • If you feel like it’s right, then that’s up to you to move forward with your relationship from there. Dream Singles wants you to find a deep connection and future with the woman that you meet but you shouldn’t feel pressured.

People claiming to be from a western country but working overseas

  • Again, making sure that the woman are verified is the first step to making sure they are who they say they are. The women on the website are verified by local representatives, and there are parameters set in place to make sure you know exactly who you are talking to.

Professing feelings to you after a very short amount of time

  • As any website goes where people interact with each other there is a possibility where people can be untruthful and have ulterior motives. If you catch early signs of these behaviors you are encouraged to report the account as soon as possible.
  • Because you are interacting with woman from different country with a different native language, it is often easy for things to get lost in translation. Before you report an account, make sure that you are really understanding what they are saying and that you understand how things work in their culture.
  • Also, keep in mind that there is a 7 to 1, women to men ratio on the website and they are looking for someone too. They will be aggressive in their tactics to keep you interested. 

For more information on the rules and regulations, I would suggest reading the Help & FAQ page on the Dream Singles website.

After going through this website for myself I can say that this website is not a scam. There are so many parameters set in place that block you from being scammed by anyone on their website. There are some things that may overwhelm you receiving attention from so many beautiful women at once, but remember that there are so many more women than men on the website. It’s easy believe everything you read online, but you never really know until you try it out for yourself.
Through this website, I have made REAL connections with REAL girls and I am so happy that I tried it. It worked for me, so I know it could work for you. I would suggest going to their website and really going through the information section. I am so excited to be going back to Ukraine and spending time with one of the girls that I meet through this website. The girls are really looking for long lasting relationships and this website is a great way to make genuine connections.
If you are still not sure, I would suggest doing the three day trial for just $1 (This is how I started out). 
With this special promotion you get the Silver Membership which includes:

Open/Read Unlimited Emails

Send 10 Introductions/mo.

10 Flirts/mo.

50% Off Introductions

25% Off Gift Shop Items


With the $1 three day trial, you have nothing to lose and it’s easy to decide for yourself how you feel about the website.